I’m Going to Miss Dreadnaught Brewing

I’m Going to Miss Dreadnaught Brewing

The closure of Dreadnaught Brewing in Monroe WA is a sad milestone for me. This marks the first instance of a small independent business that I truly love to support shutting their doors because of the coronavirus and associated economic collapse.

When our family moved to Monroe in 2017 Dreadnaught was the first brewery in the local area that I visited. It was shortly after my birthday and our friend Sally signed me up in their founders club. I got a shirt, a growler and a pint of beer. The people were nice, the Gypseywolf IPA was very tasty, and the converted warehouse space had its own charm.

In a surreal contrast to the destruction that our small businesses are experiencing, today the DJIA opened up 700 points higher on a strong jobs report. I’ll take good news where I can get it, and I’m happy to see the economy take a step in the right direction but my heart aches for the small businesses that aren’t making it right now. Sara and I had to shut one down once and I know how much that hurts to say goodbye to your investment, hard work and dreams.

So today I plan to visit Dreadnaught and fill my Dreadnaught growler with Gypseywolf. I wish the people that work there all the very best and I will miss them.

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