My PNW Bucket List for 2020

My PNW Bucket List for 2020

My PNW Bucket List consists of hiking trails, 10K and half marathon races, sailing goals and anchorages that I’m planning to visit in 2020.

The cool thing about living in the upper left corner of the US is that it is impossible to exhaust all of your outdoor recreation options. The Seattle area is loaded with trails, mountains and places to park a sail boat.

For several years now, I have taken the time over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to goal set and a few years back I started building bucket lists. My first one was pretty broad and I found that I was adding and removing things all of the time.

Over the years I have been refining this process and this year I am tightening the scope. I’m dropping the long list and shortening the time period. In 2020 I plan on focusing a ton of my spare time on trails, races and anchorages.

The list below consists of a series of trails that I want to hike or run, races that I want to complete, and sailing destinations between Seattle and British Columbia. I find that writing these down helps me game plan, which in turn helps ensure that they happen. I’m posting them here as a journaling and accountability exercise.

PNW Bucket List – Trails

A few years back I set a life goal to complete the home court 100 (a list of peaks in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area). I’m setting a goal to climb at least 5 in 2020.

This is still a work in progress – but here is my plan at this time:

  • Paperboy
  • Middle Index
  • Tonga Ridge
  • TBD
  • TBD


I’m not much of a runner but had a lot of fun with it last year. This year I plan to focus on the 10K distance and use that to build up to my first half marathon.

  • Everett 10K
  • Bridge of the Gods 10K
  • Ragnar Trail – Rainier
  • Bellingham Half Marathon


  • Poet’s cove
  • Roche Harbor
  • Victoria Harbor
  • Princess Louisa Inlet
  • Squamish

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