Ruby Beach Sunset

Ruby Beach Sunset

I like to collect coffee cups from National Parks. I typically use them on the weekends and make a little ritual around the selection process. It’s nice to browse the group and this process is always a reminder of road trips, trails and adventures with the family. It’s gratitude habit and great way to kick off a Saturday morning.

National Park Coffee Cup

Sometime this summer Sara picked up the Olympic National Park version, which was problematic. The problem? Other than a sail into Port Townsend when we bought our boat, I had never stepped onto the Olympic Penensula. So No memories with that cup and I’ve been keeping it out of the Saturday line up.

The bigger issue here is that although I live in Western Washington, I had never been to Olympic National Pard. I used to make fun of co-workers in California that had lived their whole lives in the bay area and never visited Yosemite. People…. glass houses….. Olympic is only a few hours away. It’s kind of embarrassing that I hadn’t taken the time to go there. So this year we continued our #optoutside tradition at Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park to watch the sun set.

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